Me and my thoughts..

I am a lucky kid. Was raised by a family with all good comforts, loads of love and good food. And the best part, the values of life they taught me and some of which I picked up from my experiences. Trust me, even though I went to an english medium school (St. Vincent’s Convent School – my alma mater) there wasn’t a single day when I was confident enough to speak a few lines in fluent english leave alone writing it!

All of these I believe is a magic, a charisma of nature and probably a spell that is cast on every student of my beautiful alma mater that we become masters at one point of time. I’m one such product and no different…

If you want to know about my writing speciality…then I have one answer to it. I’m absolutely well enough to write non-sense shits. My topics are random and I don’t know from where do I get such thoughts. Plus, I’m not a regular writer, it just happens like a Supernova…a few thoughts come up…a few lines written…and its done! If you appreciate my writing, I’ll get a good night sleep or else I’ll sleep better.. 😉

A Computer Science Engineer by profession, this blog for me is a combination of work and play. Work as it teaches me to use WordPress, play beacause it relaxes me. So, its a quite plain equation. Its not that WordPress is my only interest, I nurture lots of them and still there is a thirst for more!




Ok…let me tell you about this name. During my 2nd semester of engineering at College of Engineering, Bhubaneswar we had this nice English Language Lab where we had to form teams for group activities. All of my team-mates were boys and hence, the name idiots stuck us. That name was so popular that it stuck with us for the rest of our B. Tech career…and with me…for my life! 🙂
If you have been patiently reading this all this while, I honestly thank you for that. There are two reasons of writing these long lines – one, this blog is free and its mine and two, I plan to write a book someday (I owe you a copy for your patience).

Now, you can skip seeing my non-sense face and actually go ahead into reading my blog and make sure to let me know your views. If we aren’t connected via social media, please use the “Contact Me” page to drop me a message.

Have a happy reading and may God bless you! 🙂